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  The Return of the Christ

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These New Age Teachings are taken from the twenty-four books given to the world by Alice Bailey and the Tibetan Teacher known as the Master Djwhal Khul.  They refer to the  Second Coming of Christ and to the return of the Lord Maitreya.

Topics covered are: World Saviours, Signs of His return, Why Christ is Returning, When He will return, How He will Reappear, What He will be like, Armageddon, the Anti-Christ, Non-Christians, the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Masters of the Wisdom, The Great White Brotherhood, How to help in preparing the way, The Christian Churches, What He will teach, Meditation and the Great Invocation, Triangles of Light, the New World Religion.

Also a section on Self-Transformation

The Great Invocation 
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the MASTERS OF THE WISDOM & the spiritual hierarchy

Full moon festivals      

The 21st century & you      

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